About Personal Energy Co, LLC.

 Personal Oil Company was formed around 1989 by my father, David Wright Wilcox (right), and his business partner Robert "Bob" Sczewul (left). Personal Oil Company  was founded on the basic principal that larger fuel delivery and HVAC service companies didn't have a personal relationship with their customers. And as they saw it, personalized service should be the foundation of any small business and customer relationship.  

Both "Bob & Dave" worked in the fuel delivery and HVAC service industry for over 20 years each when they formed the "Personal" name we live under today in 1989. 

We are lucky to have studied under both, and to have their collective knowledge passed on to us, & every employee. We were taught  to provide, Honest, Experienced, and  Personal HVAC service and heating fuel delivery. 

In 2013 Personal Energy Co, LLC was founded to continue on in the decades of knowledge & service experience passed down to us. Personal Energy CompanLLC is extremley proud to be led by a second generation master tradesman (CT HTG 0409017-S1) that puts experience, skill & honesty into every call. 



Proud to be your choice for fuel delivery and HVAC service.

Jarren David Wilcox,
Owner, Personal Energy Co LLC

CT HTG S1 0409017



CALL or TEXT us at (860) 223-5833 or contact us online if you have any questions!