At Personal Energy Co LLC we sell your home and business energy at a competative market price And our services are what save you money.

With other fuel oil companies you are going to paying more to heat your home by being charged ridiculously excessive service charges or overinflated service plans. We offer our customers  equipment service & service plans at a very reasonable rate.

Our service plans cost half the price of most competators, with the same or better coverage.

 Do the Math

For example, if you save 10-15 cents a gallon for oil and use 800 gallons a year that is $80-$120 in savings on fuel. 

On the other hand you end up paying $300 to $400 or more for service and maintenance of your heating system.  





Why Personal Energy Company?

We appreciate our fuel oil customers and offer them our service plan and discounted services as an incentive to buy fuel oil from us at a fair market price. You're not just buying fuel, you're heating your home. We offer competitive fuel prices along with reasonable service costs which ends up being the best value for fully automatic and trouble free indoor comfort.

We are Personal Energy because customers deal with me directly. I personally know, and care about my customers. The benifit to dealing with a small company is that you are dealing with the same person directly, the business owner. With the help of my small staff of loyal and outstanding employees I do everything possible to make sure you and your family are warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

With Personal Energy you will always be dealing with an experienced second generation oilman, a business owner that knows the business, and a company that cares about it's customers.

Proud to be your oil man.

Jarren David Wilcox,
Owner, Personal Energy Co LLC